Katadyn Rapidyn Filter Kit


Rapidyn Filter is an emergency filter for small to large groups who need
clean drinking water temporarily.

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    Katadyn Rapidyn Filter Kit is an emergency lter for smaller large groups
    who need clean drinking water temporarily. This ceramic microlter
    removes bacteria, protozoa, sediments and particles larger than
    0.2microns without the use of chemicals.
    However, no essential minerals are removed. All delivered parts last for
    up to 20,000 Liters with no need for replacement.
    Complete independency as the bracket size can be chosen by the user
    and therefore all the group size. It is important that the bracket has an
    inside diameter of at least 27CM and is made of food-safe material.
    Buckets are not included.
    The lter does not require pumping or connecting to a faucet. The outlet
    tap will prevent dirty hands from contaminating the treated water.


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